• ECOLISE General Assembly 2020

    From strategic planning to event facilitation

    To support ECOLISE for the success of its 2020 General Assembly, we were involved since the strategic planning months prior to the event.

    We provided our expertise to set up the agenda and the facilitation program.

    During the event we provided both facilitation and technical support, to ensure the success of the event, and much more...

    Key elements:

    • 63 participants
    • 2 days of General Assembly
    • 26 represented countries

    Our objectives

    • Translating an initially physical event to a 100% virtual event
    • Connect the members of the network through an intense and dynamic event
    • Co-create initiatives for the next year
  • “At the end of an exhausting two days, I can say without reservation that it was a resounding success. This was technological wizardry working at its best, under the brilliant management of the GA team.”


    Tim Clarke, Gaia Education

    “Having participated in person in Basque Country and Luxembourg in the 2017 and 2018 blended General Assembly I was VERY impressed at the way the whole team and all participants worked so respectfully together online. Good Facilitation was crucial and widespread use of Zoom capabilities helped.”


    David Somervell, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network